Organic Produce

Kinnikinnick Farm started out as a certified organic produce farm back in 1994. We’ve been selling our organic produce to chefs, restaurants, wholesalers, and farmers market customers ever since.

We are not, and never have been, a one-stop-shop produce farm. From the beginning we decided that any crop we grew for commercial production at Kinnikinnick Farm had to meet two criteria: we had to like it and it had to grow well in our Pecatonica silt loam soil. And that meant: Italian Greens like Arugula, Spigariello, Bietina; Tomatoes like Jersey Devil, Prudens Purple, Sungold; Red Tropea onions; mini heads of Lettuce; and our own, proprietary “Kinnikinnick Strain” of soft neck garlic. No carrots. No melons. No peppers.

Having said that, we also keep a small intensively grown Farmhouse Kitchen Garden for our summer Farm Stay guests and to supply our family with fresh and preserved vegetables throughout the year. Sometimes, when we have a bumper crop, some of those crops turn up at our farmers market stand or on this website.

Crop rotations, cover crops, composts, and a lot a hand weeding are the foundation of our organic produce operation.