We raise all our livestock outdoors on pasture. Year round. Weather permitting. At Kinnikinnick Farm you will find Berkshire hogs, old fashioned broiler chickens, heritage breeds of laying hens, and a growing herd of dairy goats. Our practices follow the guidelines and standards of Animal Welfare Approved, the gold standard certification for animal welfare. Kinnikinnick Farm eggs come from our AWA certified laying flock.

The farm is also home for a couple of donkeys, two Katahdin sheep, a pair of very big, white Tatra livestock guard dogs, and, at last count, nine barn cats.

The Story of Little Guy

Little Guy, June 2021

Little Guy was born on May 10th 2021. Amo, his mom, is the wildest, least trusting doe in our goat herd. She had never given birth before. When he was born, she cleaned him up and then fled. We found him, almost gone and alone, out in the hot sun in the middle of the cement paddock. We picked him up, brought him into the kitchen, gave him a bottle of warm milk laced with colostrum, and set him to rest in a repurposed dog crate. We called him “Little Guy” because he was. Well…he survived. He now runs with 3 other intact bucks that we are carrying over this winter. He is the youngest and the smallest. But he is full of spirit and is learning from them how to stand his ground and carve out his place. We know he won’t be the smallest buck forever. His mom is bigger than most of the other does. Mo, his dad, is a sturdy, big boned Toggenburg. Our "Little Guy" is not only a survivor, he is quite a sweetheart, too.

Little Guy, December 2021