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Exceptional Meat and Eggs raised on organic pasture.

Farm Stays that your family will remember forever.

We know it is difficult for you to get Kinnikinnick Farm's exceptional meat and eggs.

- Our farmers markets aren't convenient for everyone

- Our farm is miles away

That is why we have created Kinnikinnick Direct – a program to bring Kinnikinnick Farm to your front door

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Our Pledge to you

Pasture. Pasture. Pasture.

- Pastures certified organic since 1994

 - Pigs spend their days being pigs-exploring, rooting, wallowing, taking mud baths

- Broiler chickens forage every day on thick pasture grasses and forbs

- Animal Welfare Approved certified laying flock

- Regenerative farming practices

We take the time to do it right

-  Red Broiler chickens that grow slower and forage better. The result is a more meaty, tasty chicken. 

-  Berkshire pork that is darker, firmer, and more heavily marbled.

-  Heritage breed hens that are raised on our farm and are still laying eggs after 2 1/2 years

-  Custom feed ground fresh weekly to our exact specifications by a locally owned feed mill 

Partner with grazers who raise & finish their cattle 100% on grass

- "Grass Fed" means NO grain...Ever

Stay with Us

Our family farmstay is a one-of-a-kind experience.