Food at the Farm

Supper in your tent at sunset or by candlelight, brats and burgers on the grill, cooking bacon in the open air, the taste and aroma of your own pizza fresh from the wood-fired oven: our guests always tell us that the food at Kinnikinnick Farm is a highlight of their stay with us.

The Farm Shop has a great selection of items prepared and grown on the farm, as well as unique specialty products you will not find in your supermarket at home. Many first-time guests tell us that they brought too much food with them, because everything they needed was available on the farm.


Every Wednesday and Saturday night, after evening chores, guests gather at picnic tables around the outdoor wood-fired oven for a communal pizza feast. Crusts are hand-rolled from house-made dough, and guests construct their own individual pizzas, choosing from a variety of traditional and exotic toppings sourced from our own farm and from small-scale specialty purveyors. After the last pizzas come out of the oven, the adults linger to socialize in the gathering dusk, while the children gather around the campfire for s’mores. It’s a great time for all!


A few weeks in advance of your farm stay, guests receive an email with information about products available in the Farm Shop, signing up for pizza and pre-ordering seasonal items for supper on the night of arrival.