Grass Fed Ground Beef

Grass-fed ground beef is healthier than grain fed beef. It is leaner. It can lower levels of dietary cholesterol.  It has higher levels of omerga-3 fatty acids. It can improve blood sugar levels. It is full of disease fighting antioxidants vitamins like vitamin E, and it is high in conjugated linoleic acids (CLA), a beneficial fat that improves immunity and promotes overall health. We make sure ours is free of hormones and antibiotics.

But that is not why we sell this ground beef. We sell it because it is incredibly good. Awesomely good. We know that grass-fed beef can disappoint. Often it is tough, dry, and tastes flat. But not ours. It is tasty without being fatty and firm without being tough. The flavor is pure beef. It has become a go-to staple in our farm kitchen.

It comes from true grass-based, grazing farms that specialize in producing grass-fed, grass-finished beef. The farms are in our Illinois-Wisconsin Stateline area. We know the farms and we know the farmers.