Grass Fed Ground Beef

Grass Fed ground beef is healthier than grain fed beef. Period. End of Story. Just Google it and read about its health benefits.

But that is not why we sell this ground beef. We are selling it because it is incredibly good. Awesomely good.

It comes from the Brattset Family farm a 290 acre grass-based grazing farm in Jefferson,WI. Kirsten Jurcek runs the grazing operation. She produces 100% grass fed and finished beef. Kirsten is a grazing expert. When she is not running her farm, she is advising and consulting with other farmers in the Upper Midwest who are switching to or building up a grazing operation.

We know that grass fed beef can disappoint. Too often it is tough, dry, and tastes flat.But Kirsten knows her business. Her ground beef is tasty without being fatty. It is firm without being tough. And the flavor is pure beef. It has become a go-to staple in our farm kitchen.