We envision starting the farm-to-table home delivery service we've been talking about for the past two years with a relatively small circle of Charter Customers who know us, like what we do, and can stock up on farm products at least once a month. We’re going to call this service Kinnikinnick Direct.

If you have searched for us and found this website, we are asking you to join this small circle as we start this new farm adventure. And that means, more than anything, that you’ve got to be willing to put up with the SNAFU’s and inventory glitches that will occur as we develop this new farm-to-table venture. In return, we promise you awesomely great products from our farm and other farms nearby.


- eggs from our certified Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) laying flock
- chicken and chicken parts
- dry cured bacon
- all our sausages
- Berkshire pork chops and other pork cuts
- honey from our farm
- 100%, grass fed ground beef NEW!


  • $30 enrollment fee to help defray the cost of delivery bags and coolers.
  • $90 minimum order size which we will suspend if we develop an inventory shortfall. We would like you to place an order every month.
  • $ 7 delivery charge on all orders under $120.

Charter Customers will get advanced booking privileges for Farm Stays at Kinnikinnick for the 2020 season and beyond as well as early notifications and discounts for Kinnikinnick Farm Dinners and events.

More information about how to join and place an order is found below.

How It Works

1 Sign Up

Create your account here on our web site via the Sign Up button below.

There will be a $30 enrollment fee to join our Circle of Customers.

NOTE: We only deliver to Chicago and Chicago area suburbs.

2 We'll Contact You

We will contact you after you sign up to:

- confirm your interest in the program

- discuss delivery logistics to your address

3 Fill Your Cart

Fill your cart with products from the
Shop area of this web site.

Make selections that total a minimum
of $90. You can have them delivered for $7 or get free delivery on orders of $125 or more.

Once your order is "placed" we will contact you with your order total and delivery details.