Kinnikinnick Sausages

We obviously love sausage and think everybody else ought to as well.

Seems like every culture has a ground meat specialty or sausage. It is one of the ways to dip into a regional or national cuisine. Any one of them can provide the foundation for a very tasty meal.

We are always on the lookout for good sausage recipes. But there’s a catch. After we have a recipe we like but before we can have John and Tom, our artisanal sausage makers at Hometown Sausage Kitchen, make a batch for us to sell, we have to get the USDA to approve not only the recipe but the name. And that can take months and months.

The ones we have now—German, Polish, Italian, American, Mexican, Louisiana, and Hungarian—are all approved. We’re working on one from Sweden.

Enjoy them all.