Farm Girl Skin Care by Ladysmith Farm

I started out making Farm Girl Skin Care products for myself. I work outside caring for all my chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and goats. My skin is exposed to the weather 365 days a year. I realized, as I grew older, that I needed good personal care products, ones that work for me, are affordable, and are not laced with chemicals with long names that I can’t pronounce.

So, I did what any farm girl would do. I made my own. I grew up on a farm in very rural northern IL. We grew and raised almost everything we ate. I was raised on pastured beef, pork, chicken, and drank raw milk. My mom had a huge garden. She froze and canned everything. We had vegetables and fruit all year long. We did all this because that is what you did if you lived on a farm. You made it yourself.

Farm Girl Goat Milk Soap
is the cleansing bar I use every day. It’s got all the  moisturizing benefits that goat milk provides. And it is naturally tan. From the goat milk. Nothing artificial in this soap. I only use essential oils and all natural fragrances.

Farm Girl Intense Moisturizer
is a body butter. I use this on my face and body. Keep in mind I have mature skin and spend a lot of time outside. It’s loaded with Shea Butter. Start with a half a pea size amount and add more if needed. A little goes a long way.

Farm Girl Essential Salve
is a reparative salve. It is full of organic ingredients and has a wonderful fragrance from all the essential oils. Use sparingly, add more as needed. If you need just one Farm Girl product, this is it.

I am proud to be able to offer Farm Girl products through Kinnikinnick Direct. David and Susan, the owners of Kinnikinnick Farm are my neighbors and I worked on their farm in the nineties. Like my mother before me, I have always grown flowers at my place. Susan and David convinced me to sell those flowers at their stand at the farmers market. I fell in love with the market and the rest is history. I began raising chickens—300 hens—the way we raised them when I was a kid so I could sell free range eggs at the market. And then ducks. And Geese. All for eggs. And then turkeys for Thanksgiving and because I just love them. When I got some goats, I fell in love a second time. I love their milk. It became the foundation for my Farm Girl Skin Care products.